April Is National Writing About National Poetry Month Month

This April, Americans will celebrate National Poetry Month in the same way they have since it was introduced in 1996, by ignoring poetry even more than they do the rest of the year and watching baseball. That probably won’t stop NPR’s Terry Gross from interviewing Billy Collins (and/or current laureate Natasha Trethewey) in her patented, over-reverent tone that — like the idea of National Poetry Month itself — only reinforces the image of poets as the polar bears of literature: majestic, endangered, and far away.

Of course I have no problem with a few more people buying a few more poetry books or attending one of the 30,000 (or so) additional readings scheduled for April. But National [Anything] Month smacks of “raising awareness,” and National Poetry Month’s very existence signifies that many Americans are indeed aware of poetry — they’ve simply decided they can live without it.

Bully for them.



It is everything
not just a NY thing

It has a character
見    (pronounced me)

that means both
show and see

It does not recollect
or plan a) like creation

Ruin by ruin it strives
for the new     flourishes

as one whose spirit
is scattered flowers

It is a light

It brings the zafu to the top
of the whoopee-cushion


April Is National Writing About National Poetry Month Month

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