Thank God That’s Over

Another National Poetry Month is behind us, and it went pretty much as I thought it would. I saw little or no mention of poetry in mainstream media, and Terry Gross interviewed Natasha Tretheway in nap-inducing fashion. Which is fine, really, because I don’t particularly want to see poems and poets filtered through the hysteria of, say, Hardball with Chris Matthews.

My April was mostly devoted to piles of papers and finals and hysterical (in both senses) student emails and, while it’s all still fresh, a reevaluation of my courses and materials and methods. I’m sure those of you who have been teaching freshman-level composition courses for at least a decade have noticed some changes in incoming classes, changes that are incongruent with the hype about “the internet generation,” etc. But that will be for another, lengthier post in the near future.

May is for decompressing, writing, and catching up on some books. The current stack: Michael Catherwood, Dare; John Hennessy, Bridge and Tunnel, Beth Ann Fennelly, Unmentionables.

Thank God That’s Over

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